About A.L. Marra

Alfonso Luigi Marra was born December 18, 1947, in San Giovanni in Fiore, Sila, and lives in Rome. He has been married twice and has four children.
He is a lawyer, specializing since 1980 in lawsuits against the banks. In 1987 he founded FermiamoLeBanche. He has led numerous successful class actions with which major reforms have been achieved.
From 1994 to 1999 he was a Member of the European Parliament, where he was elected with Forza Italia, from which he resigned in 1996.
In 1995, he wrote the «Legge sull'etichettatura dei prodotti agricoli ed ittici nella vendita al dettaglio», the law on the labelling of retail agricultural and fish products, only partially implemented, and, as Coordinator of his Group in the Institutional Commission, a crucial document for the European institutional reform, also not as yet implemented.
He has published many theses, but Marra is primarily the author of La Storia di Giovanni e Margherita, (The Story of Giovanni and Margherita), a multidisciplinary work in an accessible narrative style, tracing the way in which thought is formed, in other words, how the individual processes his knowledge and arrives at an understanding of phenomena when driven by basic instincts: the desire to survive, develop, recognize and be recognized and achieve maximum results with minimum effort.
He is also the author of the following books:
Pazzia un Corno! (Madness Indeed!), a poignant diary of the periods of mental illness of Loredana, his second wife, in which the subject of the chemistry of thought and the mechanics of mental processes are examined from perspectives that until then were unknown;
Cucciolino, La storia di Aids e La fase di Saul (Little One, The History of AIDS and The Time of Saul), three collections of systematically and extraordinarily coherent and lucid documents on all major human, legal and social problems;
-Atto di Appello (The Appeal), the 'appeal' to the Family Court in Melbourne (a moral, legal and poetic work), published on the occasion of the kidnapping of his first two children by his first Australian-born wife;
-da Ar a Sir (From Ar to Sir), a fascinating, highly original history of the culture and religions embraced by the Greek \ pagan aristocratism at the origins of today's social democracy;
-Il complesso di Santippe (The complex of Xanthippe), again inspired by the kidnapping, about the xenophobia of Australian culture;
-La civiltà degli 'onesti'(The civilization of the Honest), a sharp, ironic defence with which he resoundingly defeated the fierce judiciary attack, sparked by his lawsuits, from a 'justice' system whose 'dysfunctions' are in reality the basis of the system's functioning;
-L'Australia, a somewhat unconstitutional little monarchy, on the legal schematism of that country.
-PAS, Partito di Azione per lo Sviluppo, (PAS, the Action for Development Party), a comprehensive policy proposal on the basis of a party that is "neither to the right, because the right errs in favour of the individual nor to the left, because the left errs in sacrificing the individual, or the centre, because the centre is halfway between two errors, but rather, a party founded on the idea that the individual can develop freely and even infinitely, as long as his development is functional to the development of society, which ought to please the left as well."